Alexander POVETKIN will be the honored guest of World Mas-Wrestling Championship

  Champion of Russia 2000 (weight category 91 kg), and 2001-2002 (weight category over 91 kg), Champion of the Goodwill Games (2001), Absolute Champion of Russia (2002), two-time European Champion (2002, 2004), World Champion (2003), Olympic Champion (2004) in amateur competitions. Regular WBA World Champion in the heavyweight division (2011-2013).…

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Delegation from Reykjavik headed by a legend of world power sports Magnus ver Magnusson will be coming to Yakutia.

“Distance between Yakutsk and Reykjavik is 8400 kilometers, but we understand that Iceland is very close to us” said the Head of the Republic Egor Borisov being in this northern country in late October for an official visit. Another symbolic gesture of friendship the Yakut and the Icelandic people will…

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International Mas-Wrestling Federation


Adopted by the Congress of the IMWF CHARTER of a public organization “International Mas-Wrestling Federation” The International Mas-Wrestling Federation CHARTER Approved by the Congress of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation of Moscow (Russian Federation), 24 November, 2012 Content OBJECTIVES AND CONTENT OF THE IMWF 3 Organizational and legal form. Name 3…

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Rules of Mas-wrestling


Introduction One of the most popular sort of Yakut sport is stick pulling – Mas tardyhyy. With the release on the Russian arena it received its present name – Mas-wrestling (stick wrestling). The uniqueness of this kind of martial arts, also lies in the fact that his analogs, as far…

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