Delegation from Reykjavik headed by a legend of world power sports Magnus ver Magnusson will be coming to Yakutia.

Магнус“Distance between Yakutsk and Reykjavik is 8400 kilometers, but we understand that Iceland is very close to us” said the Head of the Republic Egor Borisov being in this northern country in late October for an official visit. Another symbolic gesture of friendship the Yakut and the Icelandic people will be coming to Yakutia sports delegation from Reykjavik headed by a legend of world power sports Magnus ver Magnusson.

For centuries, Iceland was famous for strong men. Severe climate with cold winds from the sea for hundreds of years forged people with a special temperament, solid and restrained character. The nation of ice geysers and volcanoes country carefully preserves its unique culture. Sport in this country is very popular, so Icelanders are considered to be one of the healthiest nations in the world. Among other sports power sports in a special place among Icelanders. Names Ion Poly Sigmarsson, Magnus Ver Magnusson, Haftor Julius Bjornsson resound around the world. People compose legends about them and for us a special honor – the arrival of the guest of such high rank as Magnus ver Magnusson.

Magnus ver Magnusson joined the list of the Guinness Book of Records as the greatest athlete. He is eight-time champion of Iceland, four-time winner of the title “World’s Strongest Man” (1991, 1994, 1995 and 1996). He – the second person in the world after Bill Kazmayer from the USA who won in this competition three times in a row. He began heavy-weight athletics training in 1984, he was the winner of the European competition in the 90th, the winner of the World Muscle Strength Championship in 1995. His weight is 130 kg and height –  187 cm.

Mr. Magnussin will arrive with reporters who will broadcast his activity during the visit of Yakutia. Magnus will cheer for his fellow citizens in the World Mas-Wrestling Championship – Soru Sorsteindoter and Soulvi van Vizarsson. Great mediating assistance in establishing contacts provided our former compatriot, now a resident of Iceland Maria Shishigina-Palsson. She is a real patriot, a true daughter of the Sakha people, sets an example to others Yakutians living abroad. Hope that she will be with us in the future. The more that Iceland is ready to hold the European stage of Mas-Wrestling World Cup the next year. Organizing Committee of the World Championship and Magnus ver Magnusson thank Vyacheslav Nesterov, General Director of Nemyugu bakery for assistance in organizing his visit and the opportunity to learn the culture of Olonkholand.

Lena Tomskaya

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