Information letter. Scientific and Practical Conference

International Mas-Wrestling Federation

Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

“V. Manchaary Republican Center of National Sports”

K. Ammosov Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of NEFU

“Churapcha State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport” 

International Scientific and Practical Conference

“Bases of Mas-wrestling development and ways of improvement”

 I.Date and venue: November 30, 2014, Russia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk, NEFU, Academic Council meeting Hall.

Dear colleagues!

         We are glad to welcome all authors of the publications which have shown an interest to conference: scientists, teachers of higher education institutions, experts in the field of the development of Mas-wrestling, athletes and fans of power sports.

Conference purpose: promote Mas-wrestling development as a popular and available sport to the International level.

II.Conference subjects:

  • Professional training of experts and the qualified judges on Mas-wrestling;
  • Modern information resources and PR technologies (advertising) in Mas-wrestling development;
  • Experience and prospects of the creation of public organizations on Mas-wrestling in regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries;
  • Innovative technologies in Mas-wrestling development: author’s development, patenting, inventions.

III. Requirements to materials:

        Materials in the volume of no more than 5 pages are allowed, send to addresses:, in the form of the attached file (in the line “subject” specify: “Conference”). Computer typing is carried out in the WORD editor, MS Office 2003. Times New Roman font, font size 14, line spacing one-and-a-half, fields: at the left, on the right, from above on 20 mm., from below – 25 mm. On the first page the name of theses is printed by capital letters, surnames and initials of authors – lower in one line by a usual font, line below – the full name of the organization (without reductions), line lower – an e-mail address.

        The ISSN, NCS and UDC, RINC`s codes will be appropriated to the collection of articles, will be dispatched on libraries, and registered in the Russian book chamber.

 IV.Control dates

Order taking, texts of articles till October 24, 2014
The notice on adoption of the article to the publication or the notice on need to finish the article within 2 days after receiving materials Within 2 days after receiving of materials
Article inclusion in the collection of works of the conference Till October 31, 2014
The publication of the adopted article on the Conference site Till November 24, 2014
Beginning of the work of the Conference on November 29, 2014
Completion of the work of the Conference on November 29, 2014
Collection mailing on December 1, 2014

 V.Sample of the demand of the participant of conference:


     Surname, name, middle name ____________________________________________________

     Scientific degree and rank ______________________________________________________

     Country ____________________________________________________________________

     Organization ________________________________________________________________

     Work place _________________________________________________________________

     Position ___________________________________________________________________

     Title of speech ______________________________________________________________


     Phone _____________________

     Fax _______________________

     e-mail _____________________


8(4112) 34-00-90



  • Platonova Raisa, IPTS NEFU, 8-914-271-24-46, e-mail:
  • Kozhurova Nadezhda, “V.Manchaary RCNS”, 8-914-103-94-76, 89247606040, e-mail:

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